Total Immersion Course (TIC)

Intensive language programs may vary in length but they all serve one purpose – to completely immerse students in another language for the purpose of learning to speak fluently. If you are a foreign language major, or planning to enter a field that requires fluency in a second language, than an intensive language program will add an impressive highlight to your resume.

Total Immersion Course (TIC)

TIC is a perfect and legitimate way of overcoming language barriers in a foreign language.

The Total Immersion Course (TIC) is an intensive course for an individual student, which is tailored, so the range of topics as well as the goals of the course change depending on the needs, expectations and demands of the client. Depending on the variant, the students have 8 or 10 lessons. Each lesson is 45 minutes a day.

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Our language courses are designed to maximise your chances of success.

The Total Immersion Course (TIC) is intended for people who want to:

quickly adopt basic language skills which help in communicating in a foreign language

overcome language barriers.

widen professional vocabulary in any area

prepare for presentation and negotiation at official and unofficial meetings

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