Language Audits

A language audit is an excellent tool for quick and effective language evaluation in both the recruitment of workers as well as in the assessment of the effectiveness of the language courses organized by a company. It tests a variety of language competences such as: speaking, listening and reading comprehension, grammar, vocabulary, writing and it precisely defines the employees’ foreign language competency profiles according to the criteria of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).


Language audit is a perfect solution for relevant and targeted language training because it helps companies define their desired communication skills for a particular position. As a result of this thorough analysis there is a lower expense on language education and the teaching is more effective.

Our language audit usually consists of the following elements:

  • An analysis and categorisation of the employees’ language proficiency
  • An analysis of the company’s communication in foreign languages in order to isolate and recognise its needs
  • A proposal of a customised educational program, based on the results of the analysis
  • A telephone interview (15 minutes) – a role-play of routine business questions, aimed to test general communication skills where the following aspects are analysed: grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, listening, fluency of speech and overall communication skills.
  • A personal interview (15 minutes) – students are asked questions about their work environment and motivation for lessons, where general and specialized communication skills are analysed and tested to evaluate their abilities and what is required of them linguistically.
  • An entrance test, where the focus is on grammar and vocabulary (25 minutes) – 60 questions on business language evaluated on the basis of points scored to help categorise the student on a scale of language proficiency.
  • Writing skills (15 minutes) – an informal email is written by the students and then assessed, in which the writers are to effectively present information and show that they are able to communicate clearly and effectively.

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